Dutch experts with a global partner network, specializing in delivering robotic solutions for the marine and oil and gas industries.
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At Albatros Robotics, we’re dedicated to push the boundaries of operation and control within the maritime industry. Our team of experts, fuelled by a passion for the sea, specialisesin the development of autonomous and remote control of vessels. Whether it’s Unmanned Surface Vessels or Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles, we deliver in-house developed cutting-edge solutions that will transform and improve your marine operations.

Our experienced engineers have created proven solutions by utilising the power of AI and remote technologies to revolutionise marine safety standards and boost efficiency levels. With Albatros Robotics, you can trust that your operations will be smoother, safer, and more cost-effective than ever before.

Albatros Robotics is the result of a powerful collaboration between industry experts. Our technology partner, PAT-Krüger, brings unmatched expertise in robotics and automation. Together with our development partner, Defuzzy, we create groundbreaking solutions that are reshaping the future of the maritime technology. And our commercial partner, Willem Misdorp, ensures that our products reach you, our valued customers, all around the world.


Headquartered inthe Netherlands, with state-of-the-art development and production facilities, Albatros Robotics combines Dutch innovation with a global network of partners. We work together to provide you with the highest quality, most reliable unmanned solutions in the maritime industry.


The DACS-23 advanced autopilot sets new standards in the world of unmanned vessels. Its innovative design, optimized performance and advanced capabilities ensure seamless operation. The intuitive graphical user interface can be customized to client’s requirements greatly enhancing user experience.


Our advanced solutions have been deployed in the marine and oil gas industries satisfying the needs of a wide range of applications.

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